Record Number:
Christian Name:
  Sir Mervyn Bradford
Year of Birth:
  20th September 1837
Place of Birth:
  Wincanton, Somerset. UK
Place of Marriage:
Year of Marriage:
Spouse of:
Parent of:
Fathers Name:
  Sir William Coles Medlycott
Fathers Occupation:
Mothers Name:
  Sarah Bradford
Year of Death:
  27th March 1908
Place of Death:
Cause of Death:
Place of Residence:
  Venn House, Milbourne Park, Sherborne, Dorset. UK
Extra Information:
  Sir Mervyn Bradford Medlycott was the 5th Baronet
  and was a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy (UK) retired
  1888. Served in The Baltic 1885 and in Congo 1875